Solar Advisory

Feasibility Study:

We understand your investment objectives, analyze the available opportunities and identify potential pitfalls, minimizing the risk of failure. Our recommendations help you make the right decisions and fulfill your investment goals.

Site Survey:

A quality site survey is crucial in the design & execution of a project. Our detailed site surveys capture the required macro-level data to assist the Project’s design team to complete their design work. In addition to our thorough survey process, we welcome specific requests from design teams.

Detailed Project Report:

Our reports are techno-commercial in nature and provide detailed information on

  • An overview of the design and associated costs.
  • Energy generation and profitability calculations.
  • Associated risks.

Our detailed reports help financiers understand the project viability and conclude on the financing process.

Detailed Design & Engineering:

Our in-depth industry experience and knowledge put us in a unique position to assist in the detailed design and engineering phase of projects. We assist in the development of the required construction documents, Goods for Construction drawings and detailed Bill of Materials for material procurement.

Material Inspection:

On your behalf, we inspect random samples of the goods at the supplier premises to ensure they have met the required specification. Performing these quality audits prior to taking delivery eliminates the risk of project failure from the use of defective goods.

Construction Audit:

Our independent construction audits will help you minimize the risk of your capital expenditure. We will understand the project design and give our independent view on the appropriateness of the construction plan. If we identify any deficiencies in the plan or execution phase, we will propose appropriate solutions to correct this.

Handover & Takeover Audit:

Prior to handover/ takeover from EPC contractors, we perform an independent audit of the construction quality and assess the operational performance of the project. In addition, we also assist with the transfer of knowledge, relevant documents, drawings and user manuals to the project developer.